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Workstyle Booklets Now Available in Digital and Print Format


We are excited to announce the completion of our inaugural offering of Workstyle Booklets, a collection designed to help dealers engage with clients and talk through design ideas and product choices. Each booklet focuses on one type of application and showcases photo-realistic rendered environments featuring relevant product from vetted INDEAL brands.

The Workstyle Booklets are part of the Pinpoint Platform, a digital resource designed to quickly connect dealers with brands, with enhancements to help them inform and present to clients. The platform’s VIP level layers in visual results and inspiration along with features like downloadable design files, virtual reality experiences, and digital versions of the Workstyle Booklets. Pinpoint Print further enhances the platform, connecting the physical experience of print to the virtual world.

16 different booklets are included in the Workstyle series, subdivided by Work Spaces, Support Spaces, and Space Enhancers, to allow sales people and designers the flexibility to focus conversations on their exact client needs. Additional booklets for vertical markets, including Healthcare and Education, will be added to Pinpoint VIP and Print later this year.

Aside from providing a versatile offering of materials, Pinpoint Print also enables dealers to customize book shipments, with INDEAL managing inventory control. Jen Grubba, Director of Marketing Resources, noted, “Our Pinpoint Platform was developed out of a growing need to support our dealers’ virtual engagement with clients, while being flexible enough to offer solutions for in-person meetings when the time came. As more people are returning to the office and to in-person meetings, they’re looking for an adaptable resource that can support their needs in any scenario. We’re thrilled that Pinpoint provides that and are excited about what’s in store for the platform moving forward.”

INDEAL members interested in learning more about the Pinpoint Platform and Workstyle Booklets can contact Jen Gruba at


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