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viewpoint: A New Interactive Industry Magazine

Written By Rob Kirkbride, Write Office • February 27, 2023

Magnuson Group - GREENLIGHT
GREENLIGHT planters bring nature indoors with both freestanding and hanging models. Perfect for meeting areas, workspaces and reception areas.

Global - Prefer™
Prefer chairs feature an enduring design with a sleek mesh back, available in two polymer frame finishes and six contemporary mesh colors. Its swivel tilt mechanism couples with a discreet pneumatic seat height adjustment. 

Global - Corby™
The Corby collection of wood veneer and laminate desks, tables and storage elements features new century modern detailing available in twenty finishes with four different species of premium, architectural grade wood veneer and solid wood edges on all principle surfaces.

Featured Brands: Global and Magnuson Group

As an industry, we’re facing some tricky challenges. The rise of mega dealers and the ever-growing territories they need to serve, finding the right rep groups to work with and the growing need for integrated technology solutions to help streamline our processes are just a few that came out of a recent discussion I had with a mix of industry players. Sure, there are other industries that would likely argue they are equally as complex, which could be why only 15% of workers worldwide feel engaged in their work. It’s hard to feel connected when things are so complicated.

This is why I’m excited to announce that OI Publications is launching viewpoint, a new interactive magazine created to connect design with office furniture dealers and reps. It is a monthly magazine, free to anyone in the industry. You might ask: How does design dovetail with office furniture dealers and reps and the manufacturers that serve them? I’ve always been fascinated by the way commercial interiors are designed and delivered and viewpoint was developed to celebrate this incredibly complex and challenging ecosystem.

The goal of viewpoint is to help grease the skids of this process — to help you do your job better, whether you are a dealer, designer, rep, manufacturer or any number of important roles critical to our industry.

At the core of viewpoint is how all these pieces connect to make up the commercial interiors industry. So in the first issue, you will find a story on how dealers and reps are adding and improving their showroom spaces to better serve designers. You will also find a story about a quirky little product out of Spain that could revolutionize the hybrid work world. You will also find several columns that will help you design space better, create a healthier workplace and boost sales. Our hope is that reading content found in these pages will help you feel more engaged with our industry as well is in your work.

viewpoint was carefully designed with a clean, easy-to-read look. We understand that your time is limited so we condensed everything, while still allowing readers to go deeper into stories if you choose. No one has time for a bloated 50+page magazine.

You’ll find this new magazine offers a unique and immersive experience through pop-out, interactive photo galleries, embedded video that allows you to walk through the showroom of the future and audio links that give you the choice to listen to articles instead of reading them.

The first issue comes out March 1 and will be delivered to your inbox as an added benefit of your subscription to The Insider. Feel free to share this link with others who may be interested in signing up as well.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the new publication. Either way, I’d love to hear your thoughts about it. Reach out to me at rob@officeinsight.com or call me at 616-406-6968 with any feedback, story ideas or news about your company that you’d like to share with other readers.

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