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The Move Toward Outdoor Work
Has Taken Hold

Written By Rob Kirkbride, Write Office • August 15, 2022

Homecrest - Allure Modular
Allure modular combines high comfort with a visual style that evokes the design sensibility of iconic American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. This collection features sumptuous, UltraCore™ cushions in its pleasingly-balanced frame.

Homecrest - Elevate Mesh
This elegant collection is constructed from solid aluminum for exceptional wind resistance and quick drying, making it adaptable to a wide variety of commercial needs and climates. In addition, all seating styles are stackable.

Homecrest - Mode Club
Building on the refined style of the popular Mode collection, Homecrest’s Mode Club is a series of contemporary tabletops designed specifically for environments where relaxation is the primary goal.

Magnuson Group - CONEE
Conee painted aluminum planters are available in two sizes and three colors - Textured Black Ral 9011, Textured White Ral 9010 and Textured Forge Grey - and come with a drip tray and flowerpot.

Featured Brands: Homecrest and Magnuson Group

Other than the few months of summer (or a few weeks, depending on the year we get here in Michigan), it is easy to forget just how great it is to work outdoors. Yet outdoor workspaces are almost always included when companies build out new or renovate existing corporate campuses. 

The trend toward including outdoor work areas in just about every project is a relatively new development. Not long ago, working outside would have been nearly impossible. Technology didn’t allow for it. Prior to widespread wifi and mobile computers and devices, workers were tied to their desks. And even when these tech advances made their way to the office, few managers would allow employees to choose where they wanted to work, especially if it was in the great outdoors. 

The move toward outdoor work was already taking hold prior to the pandemic, but COVID caused outdoor work to skyrocket. Why work in a germ-filled office when you can do the same job with the wind blowing in your hair?

Tech campuses in warm locales like California, Arizona, Texas and parts of the Southeast lead the charge to allow work outside by adding covered porches, casual outdoor seating and picnic tables. Visit any major tech company today and chances are those outside work areas will be jammed if you stop by on a pleasant day.

The trend has spread and now includes corporate campuses in the Midwest, Pacific Northwest and Northeast as well. Surprisingly, these outdoor spaces in colder climates get just as much use as their southern counterparts, though use is highest in opposite seasons. Cold climate outdoor work areas are used mostly in spring, summer and fall while warm climate outdoor spaces are utilized most in fall, winter and spring.

There is a very small (but growing) number of manufacturers adding outdoor furniture options. Some of this furniture comes from the big manufacturers like Steelcase and Haworth and a few smaller companies such as Via Seating. Some comes from specialty manufacturers like Landscape Forms and Extremis. It is a market worth examining if you are a manufacturer not involved in outdoor work furniture yet. And if you are a dealer, it is definitely worth recommending to your customers as an added sale. 

Just don’t forget your sunscreen. 

Speaking of places where sunscreen comes in handy, I want to tell you about INSPIRE the Workspace, a cutting-edge new leadership conference designed as a forum for industry executives to discuss what’s next for the work environment and exchange ideas. The event is slated for Nov. 6-9 at the Pendry Hotel in San Diego.

INSPIRE the Workspace is for leaders of forward-thinking office furniture manufacturers, dealerships or design firms and is strictly limited to 200 attendees. It is designed to help leaders future-proof their companies, support changing culture, enhance profitability, and improve well-being. Learn more and apply to attend at indeal.org/inspire, where you can also learn about sponsorship opportunities and other event details. It looks amazing.

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