What is Pinpoint?

Pinpoint is a proprietary web-based tool that enables dealer sales and design teams to quickly filter and identify INDEAL brands offering specific products and attributes. From there, exclusive imagery and additional resources can be accessed to help clients visualize their space with your suggested solutions. 

Pinpoint Search

Connect with brands offering product options that meet specific customer needs and bid specifications 

Pinpoint Score

View at-a-glance performance ratings for commercial furniture manufacturers inside and outside the INDEAL family of brands

Blended Spaces

Inspire customers with rendered environments featuring a blend of INDEAL products and virtual reality experiences, then download design files to efficiently pull your project together

Pinpoint Print + Digital

Engage and educate clients through print booklets and digital flipbooks featuring INDEAL brands in current workspace applications, organized by client use of space. 


Open Plan 
Private Office 
Reception / Waiting Areas 
Conference Rooms 
Training Rooms 
Architectural Solutions 
Work From Home

Space Enhancers

Filing and Storage
Space Division
Technology and Power
Desktop / Workstation
Facility Essentials

Support Spaces

Lounge Areas 
Dining / Café / Breakroom 
Outdoor Areas 
Multipurpose Seating / 
Ergonomic / Wellness 

Specialized Spaces

Architectural Solutions  Healthcare 

Who is it for?

Dealer sales reps and designers + anyone looking for project inspiration or solutions 

3 Reasons Dealers Love Pinpoint

  • 1
    It simplifies brand and product selection
  • 2
    It enables them to choose the best option based on company performance and support attributes
  • 3
    It provides access to images and other features that level-up client presentations and engagement

3 Reasons Brands Love Pinpoint

  • 1
    It enables them to showcase their solutions, bringing their offering to life at a product and application level
  • 2
    It helps dealer-clients visualize product in a meaningful format
  • 3
    It enhances their outreach and marketing capabilities by targeting an ideal audience