Brands and Score

How did you determine which Brands to include on Pinpoint? 

Brands featured on Pinpoint are the top Dealer-requested manufacturers in the commercial furniture market. INDEAL’s thorough vetting process enables users to select Brands and source product with confidence, knowing their choice meets industry standards. 


What is the difference between a Pinpoint Brand and an INDEAL Brand?  

Brands on the platform fall into one of two categories: Pinpoint Brand or INDEAL Brand. Both are included on the Brands overview page and will appear in searches by keyword or filter. Both have associated Scores to help users further narrow down their selection. While all Brands on Pinpoint are among the top 200 in the industry, INDEAL Brands provide unique financial programs exclusive to INDEAL dealerships, which positively impacts their overall Score. 


Where can I find discount information for my dealership? 

General discounts for INDEAL Brands can be found at the bottom of a Brand’s Pinpoint profile page. Please note that information shared here varies by manufacturer. Your local rep can provide you with specific discounts available for your dealership. Need help connecting with your rep? Our Product Services team would be happy to help!


What is Pinpoint Score? 

Pinpoint Score is a feature that enables Dealers to quickly evaluate Brands based on a total score determined by their individual performance across a number of key categories. Scores are percentage-based, which means the maximum a Brand can achieve is 100%. Colored indicators are used to signify a Brand’s performance within each category, with red representing “good”, yellow meaning “better”, and green noting, “best”. 


How are Scores calculated? 

Every Brand on Pinpoint goes through a research process to identify what support they provide in several areas, such as company representation, Dealer-friendly freight program, specification support, access to a Dealer portal, quick ship options, incentives, and more. All information is based on publicly available information. 


Can you filter by lead time? 

While you can’t currently filter by lead time, you can easily find Brands that offer Quick Ship Programs when time is a factor. You’ll find that option under Order Support under the Brand Attributes filter. 


Is pricing provided for products?  

Individual product pricing is not available on Pinpoint, but downloadable CET files for every space on the platform can give you a head start by providing a list of products to begin your spec. Even users without CET will find this feature helpful because we include links to manufacturer websites and MyResourceLibrary so you can easily obtain that information. 

Images and Assets

Can I download Pinpoint images to share with clients? 

Yes! Simply right-click on any image, select “Save image as…”, then share away by including these photo-realistic renderings in client presentations and eye-catching outreach. 


How do I share a VR tour of a Pinpoint space? 

If a space has the option to View in VR, clicking that link will open a new window. You can either copy the unique URL at the top of that webpage, or use the share feature within the tour itself. Note: the best VR experience will launch via the Yulio Viewer app within an external headset or a mobile phone. 


Can I download CET files for any space shown on Pinpoint? 

Yes, CET files can be downloaded for any space. From there, you can quickly customize the product, finishes, and selections to fit your client’s needs.  


I downloaded a CMFAV and some of the furniture isn’t included. Why is that? 

The symbols included in the CMFAV are contingent on each Brand’s symbol availability. It’s also worth noting that there could be a variety of symbol types included in each file, including CET, Commercial Interiors Library (Project Matrix), CAD, and SketchUp…).  


What are Flipbooks, and are they the same as printed Workstyle Booklets? 

Flipbooks are Workstyle Booklets in digital format. While printed versions offer a tangible and memorable leave behind with links to VR experiences to engage clients, Flipbooks are ideal for virtual meetings and digital outreach, including links to additional product information and resources. 

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