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Pinpoint and Product Services Streamline Solutions for Dealer Discovery and Specification Needs 



INDEAL’s proprietary web-based tool, Pinpoint allows dealer sales and design teams to quickly filter and identify brands and sort products by dealer-defined performance attributes, ultimately connecting them with the brands and reps that can best support their projects.  

Beyond that, Pinpoint Score allows users to view at-a-glance numeric ratings for each brand along with key-performance indicators using a stoplight system — red (good), yellow (better), green (best) — to determine the best option for a given project.  

All scores are based on publicly available information and performance criteria weighted by INDEAL dealers, said Laura AmRhein, INDEAL brand strategy manager. 

“Pinpoint fills the need for dealer designers and sales teams to have a 24/7 accessible database to shorten the list of brands they are specifying in a way that is more dealer- and customer-friendly,” she said.  

The industry’s top 200 brands, as chosen by the dealer community, are included in Pinpoint. “These top 200 are brands selected by our dealers, the 200 brands that they want to do business with the most,” said Dave Bloch, CEO of INDEAL.

Finally, Pinpoint allows members to use blended space inspiration and digital booklets showcasing products in workspace applications and organized by how the space is used. Since all the renderings are produced from CET Designer files, they come in a form that dealer designers intimately understand. 

These digital marketing resources are integrated directly into Pinpoint, said Jennifer Grubba, INDEAL’s director of marketing resources. 

“It is a great resource for dealer designers to be able to look at project ideas in spaces that are downloadable. Since all (CET Designer) symbols for the spaces are downloadable as well, if they like the space, but want to change the color scheme for a client, they can. It will be a huge time saver for everybody since right now they have to do a lot of legwork to get what they are looking for,” she said. 

INDEAL now streamlines marketing tools available to its members, offering a series of Workstyle booklets that are divided by application. The booklets can be shipped on demand, allowing the dealer to pull in only the books they need for client conversations.  

Product Services 

Beyond Pinpoint, INDEAL’s in-house team of experts, Product Services, connects dealers with solutions to meet product requests and bid requirements. When an appropriate product isn’t available within the INDEAL portfolio, they offer outside alternatives that address the project’s unique price and performance criteria. Results are typically delivered within a day or two. 

Dealers appreciate Product Services because it provides an extra set of hands to help ease their workload. It can also help a dealer manage project costs by offering a range of alternatives and increase sales opportunities by giving dealers additional options for projects that include ancillary furniture.  

Manufacturers benefit from Product Services as it amplifies their overall brand awareness, familiarizing dealers with products that they might not know and helping dealers connect with their reps. 

Visit INDEAL’s program overview pages to learn more about Pinpoint and Product Services.


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