New Team Members Support INDEAL’s Platform Expansion 

Meet the new team members

As part of INDEAL’s evolution, it has added several key people and just launched a new website reiterating the platform’s story.  

David Purewal joined INDEAL as its chief operating officer. The addition of Purewal is important because of his experience building platforms in other industries. Prior to joining INDEAL, he spent almost 20 years in the financial technology, architectural design and real estate domains, building his career in finance, risk management, operations, privacy and corporate strategy. Purewal gained international experience working throughout the United States and South Africa, and enjoys being actively involved with a firm’s recruiting, coaching and mentoring activities. 

“I joined INDEAL because I’m excited about the direction the company is taking,” he said. “I love being part of a dynamic, entrepreneurial group striving to hit its full potential in an industry that’s poised for real change. I enjoy learning about technology and how it can be used not just to solve business problems, but change entire industry landscapes.” 

Adam Baczynski is INDEAL’s new director of information technology. He comes to INDEAL with 15 years information technology experience, including time as an information technology manager at a furniture dealer. Baczynski believes in leveraging new technologies to drive business growth and utilizing cloud platforms to streamline business processes. 

“INDEAL recognizes the technology challenges faced by the commercial interiors industry. It’s exciting to be part of an organization focused on putting the pieces together and finding solutions that benefit both dealers and brands,” he said.    

INDEAL’s most recent addition, Tracy Fichera, was brought on as client resource educator – a new role within the company developed to build awareness of Pinpoint’s product search and specification capabilities. With over twenty years of experience working in the interior design industry with involvement in facilities planning, healthcare, and education environments, Tracy will be meeting with dealer members across the country to raise platform awareness and demonstrate the resources available to support them. 

“Having spent most of my career as a dealer designer, I know the challenges our members face,” she said. “My goal is to build relationships with each of them and provide support to help make their day-to-day workflow faster and easier!”  

INDEAL also added a few new consultants, though they are no strangers to the industry. 

Sid Meadows has played an important role in the reinvention of INDEAL U, helping to identify content and subject matter experts most relevant to industry professionals. Meadows is an industry veteran and podcast producer who tells the story of the people who make the industry tick and the trends that are changing the way work happens. He also is a high-performance coach and business strategist. 

Kari Anderson is an interior design and digital expert who brings years of experience at the dealer level to INDEAL. She is helping INDEAL create digital systems that speak to each other, most importantly as she helps dealers understand and implement CET Designer. 

“Technology integration, fulfilling the dealer journey with digital tools and positioning brand partner digital assets is my primary focus at INDEAL and with Pinpoint,” she said. “My industry experience and extensive knowledge of CET provides guidance that helps connect resources, solving for challenges that are not easily addressed in our industry.” 

Visit the About INDEAL page for more information on the INDEAL team.


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