Market Intelligence

Build industry knowledge that influences better business decisions through thought leadership and critical insight.

Get a Read on The Pulse of the Industry

With a goal of helping Dealers and Brands predict the industry’s trends and its future direction in order to drive sustainability and growth, The Pulse of the Industry Report identifies the evolving requirements of industry participants, highlighting their specific business needs, priorities, and challenges.

Strengthen Knowledge - and Your Future in the Industry

Empower yourself with knowledge-building content available on our industry-specific learning platform created with YOU in mind. INDEAL U is designed to provide you – and your entire team – with the skills and resources to succeed, whether it’s your first year in business, or your fortieth! 

Continuous Learning Opportunities at Your Fingertips

Get up-to-speed with the latest industry practices and insight quickly and efficiently. Our ever-evolving video library includes content to support numerous roles within an organization and levels of experience. 

Build expertise on one of the most relevant topics in our industry and the workplace to provide customers with knowledge and informed solutions to support their health and wellness.

Develop or build upon your current knowledge of the commercial interiors industry throughwide collection of bite-sized videos, right-sized for squeezing into your busy work day.

Gain valuable insight by listening in
on casual conversations with
 people across the industry who share their experience, changes they’ve seen, and what they’ve learned throughout their personal journey.

Keep up with current trends through monthly videos produced by our Product Services teamsharing 
content, inspiration, and product solutions centered around timely themes.

Gain Invaluable Industry Perspective

A monthly e-magazine with a focus on design, viewpoint keeps office furniture dealers, brands, and their reps up-to-date with industry happenings, highlighting the people and companies making a notable impact on the future of commercial interiors.

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