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Introducing Pinpoint Score – Designed to Simplify the Manufacturer Vetting Process


Pinpoint Score is the latest enhancement to INDEAL’s Pinpoint Platform, a digital tool enabling dealer sales and design teams to quickly filter and identify brands offering the most viable product solutions. The new feature provides at-a-glance performance ratings for commercial furniture manufacturers both inside and outside of the INDEAL family of brands.

Commercial Furniture Manufacturers and Performance Criteria Identified, Defined, and Weighted by INDEAL Dealers

Manufacturer scores are based on INDEAL Dealer-defined and weighted performance criteria in six categories: Company, Terms, Specification Tools, Order Support, Active Marketing, and Dealer Incentives – leveraging publicly available information to determine an overall number of points. Performance within each category is detailed through colored rating indicators (red/good, yellow/better, and green/best) and available to Pinpoint VIP subscribers.

Scores are currently available for a majority of manufacturers represented on Pinpoint, with the remainder to soon follow. The number of manufacturers on the platform will continue to expand, eventually including solutions for A&D and vertical markets.

Sub-CategoryScoring Criteria
1. Company• North American Manufacturing
• Regional Showrooms
• Regional Representation / Sales Support
• BIFMA Compliant Product
• Sustainability Position / Certifications
2. Terms/Conditions
• Payment Terms
• Credit Card Payment Option
• Freight Terms
• Warranty Terms / Labor Coverage on Warranty Claims
3. Specification Tools• CET Designer and/or Project Matrix
• KITS Collaborator
• MRL Binder
• On-Line Specification Resources / Configurators
4. Order Support• Electronic Order Entry
• Order Acknowledgement
• Order Tracking
• Shipment Notification / Updates
• Quick Ship Options
• Rep Locator
• Dealer Portal
5. Active Marketing• Dynamic Website
• Active Blog / Newsletter
• Active Social Media Presence (2x Monthly Min.)
• Active on Industry Advertising / Resource Platforms
6. Dealer Incentives• INDEAL Dealer Incentive Program
• Non-INDEAL Preferred Dealer Program 
• Non-INDEAL Incentive Trip

To Experience Pinpoint Score

  • INDEAL Dealer Members can log into Pinpoint and click on the Brands tab. If you’ve forgotten your password, or need a Pinpoint login, contact Katie Leavell.
  • View the score value under each brand logo (check back soon to view scores for brands that are currently blank)
  • Dealers with Pinpoint VIP access can view more detailed ratings by sub-category on individual Brand Profile Pages. Clicking a brand logo will take you to their page.
  • INDEAL Brand Partners can be quickly identified by the heart icon at the bottom left of their logo, or by using the INDEAL Brands filter in the Brand Attributes section on the left-hand side of the page.

To Learn More about Pinpoint Score

  • Encourage your Champion to attend the January Champion Roundtable on January 18th or 19th where we’ll review Pinpoint Score in detail.
  • Watch for updates on the Dealer Dashboard and in monthly newsletters. Contact Priscilla Weber for Dashboard access.
  • Schedule a Pinpoint demo with Katie Leavell, INDEAL’s Pinpoint Program Specialist.
  • Contact Laura AmRhein, Brand Strategy Manager, for additional questions about Pinpoint Score.


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