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Creativity Through Architecture

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Inspiration at Work Volume 9 is here, and we couldn’t be more excited! This unique marketing piece supports dealers in connecting with decision-makers and influencers in the A&D community with its eye-catching design.  

This bi-annual publication, available in print and digital format, features different art expressions that go beyond the commercial interiors industry. Flip through pages to inspire your future projects with a mood board-like layout that combines impactful visuals with textures, colors, and products. 

Volume 9 of the Inspiration at Work series is themed around a functional form of creative expression, Architecture. This art form represents a society’s culture and its historical achievements, making a powerful visual impact while meeting the basic requirements of a usable space. The use of geometric shapes, colors, and materials within each unique structure inspired a selection of products that complement each design, providing fresh perspectives to spark new ideas. 

Dealer members interested in learning more about Inspiration at Work can contact Jen Grubba INDEAL’s Director of Marketing Resources. 


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