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Inspiration at Work Volume 10 is Here

V10_Digital Art

We’re excited to announce the release of our tenth volume of Inspiration at Work, centered around digital art. This unique marketing piece is aimed at connecting dealers with A&D influencers and developing client relationships through aesthetic materials.   

This bi-annual publication, available in print and digital format, brings awareness to different art expressions outside the industry, combining products with impactful visuals to inspire the reader through mood boards, color pallets, textiles, and more. 

Based on its accessibility and impact, digital art became the inspiration behind this issue of Inspiration at Work. The latest volume focuses on works of art that are highly computational and overtly interact with digital technologies. This contemporary art form can come from various sources, such as scanned photography and vector graphics, or it can be entirely computer-generated.  

Dealer members interested in learning more about the Inspirations program can contact Jen Grubba, INDEAL’s Director of Marketing Resources at jgrubba@indeal.org


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