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The term lounge furniture is losing a bit of its meaning. That’s because lounge furniture has become such an important part of any office design that it has simply become “furniture” — it is what everyone seems to be designing for, especially as workers return to the office, but don’t want to return to the same old space. Companies are investing in lounge furniture to give workers choice in how and where they work, but also creating spaces away from desks and the main work zone to create more space and more comfort. Here are a few trends in lounge furniture worth study. 

Global - Wind Linear™
Wind Linear is an extension of Global's very popular Wind freestanding soft seating series of sofas and arm chairs. Seating units can be linked together using bridge tables to create infinite configurations.

Global - Wind™
The simple geometry and slim proportions of the Wind lounge furniture series creates a relaxed and open atmosphere even when space is at a premium. 

Global - Wind Linear™ Tables
Wind Linear Tables is the perfect extension to Wind Linear freestanding soft seating series of sofas and arm chairs. The seating is connected with the letter box tables to create the linear arrangements that define the latest trend in office and hospitality lounge environments.

Support Company Culture

Create Comfort

Attract and Retain Employees

Attract and Retain Customers

Lounge as a Way to Support Company Culture

Where does the office end and the living room begin? It’s getting hard to tell, especially when roaming the halls of theMART. Furniture that feels like home continues to be a hot trend and no where was that more apparent than in Chicago. In a post-COVID world, no one wants to return to the same drab office. The way people want to work is changing too. Several years spent working at home means workers expect offices to feel more inviting and NeoCon exhibitors embraced this.

Indiana Furniture - Fifteen Pods
Fifteen Pods provides users with a personal getaway space, private meeting, or collaboration location, and can be placed anywhere in a facility. 

Indiana Furniture - Natta
Natta offers an agile solution for a variety of community spaces and meeting applications. With its simplicity of form, it can achieve a subtle effect and still provide an excellent solution for any meeting and breakout environment. 

Indiana Furniture - Spirit Collection
The entire Spirit Collection – Spirit, Spirit Lite, Spirit Lounge, and Spirit Tables – provides a refined and inviting design, and capitalizes on versatility and comfort. 

ezoBord - Ezo on Ezo
As easy as hanging a picture, ezo on ezo can be installed on any wall in any space to improve the acoustical quality while maintaining visual integrity. 

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Lounge as a Way to Create Comfort

Think of the best hotel space you’ve ever been in. It looks great, feels inviting, smells like heaven and creates inner peace and a sense of welcome. Doesn’t that sound great as an office? One of the most important trends in office design in recent years is the trend toward creating office spaces that feel more like high-end hospitality. 

KFI Studios - Roqa
ROQA’s poly shell is minimal yet highly functional. It combines the seat, arm, and back into one fluid form that appears simple yet has subtle complexities to cradle the body with comfort.

KFI Studios - Proof
Available in a variety of heights, finishes, laminates and solid wood, Proof tables are the perfect complement in any space.

KFI Studios - Voodoo
The Voodoo tables respond to the ever-growing need for light scale, multi-functional meeting and work tables. Large scale conference meetings are happening less frequently and casual meetings and co-working are becoming more prominent in the workplace. 

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Lounge as a Way to Attract and Retain Employees

Much has been made about the great resignation. And it’s true — workers still have the upper hand in today’s labor market. Simply put, if they don’t like where they work, they will find someplace they like better. One way to attract and retain employees is to create lounge settings that provide options for where and how they work. Perhaps they want to work at their desk part of the day, but retreat to a lounge setting for a few hours to casually connect with co-workers or take a coffee break. The key word for creating an attractive lounge setting is choice. Give workers comfortable choices and they will reward their employers with loyalty. 

Global - Princeton™ Tables
Versatile freestanding and mobile tables with 1” top thickness and 3mm edging in matching color.

Global - Stream™
Stream is a multitasker with a chic aesthetic that sets a new bar for plastic seating. Expertly designed and seamlessly detailed from any angle with matching arms, seating surfaces, under-seat shroud and glides available in 14 great colors.

Global - Zira™ Tables
Zira™ tables provide a place to connect and collaborate with colleagues. Media, boardroom and collaborative tables fit the way you work. Power and technology options may be specified in table tops.

Swap™ Tables
Swap tables have the right proportions, flawless laminate surfaces, and a solid foundation with integrated leveling. Available in round or square, seven heights, and a variety of sizes.

Global - Venture
Whether you’re getting together for a quick chat, to catch up on a project or in need of some heads down time, Venture™ banquettes are up to the task.

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Lounge as a Way to Attract and Retain Customers

Workers aren’t the only ones watching the company they keep. Customers are affected by the spaces you create in your offices. If they see happy, engaged and productive workers in a casual lounge setting, it gives them confidence that they are working with the right company — one that values its employees and believes in providing them with a variety of spaces in which to work. 

ezoBord - Baffle Cloud
Providing a three-dimensional vibrant ceiling and absorbing unwanted noise, ezoBord’s Baffle Cloud system is an easy to install acoustical solution available in various styles and forms.

Global - Wind™ Tables
Classic, contemporary and refined, Wind Tables are available in coffee and end table formats as well as standard-height meeting or dining tables.

Global - River+™
River+ is the next generation of Global's highly popular River lounge series, tested to three times the BIFMA standard and warranted to an active weight of 600 lbs.

Global - ML™
ML is a contemporary interpretation of classic minimalist style and well suited to reception areas, modern offices and hospitality applications.

Global - Sas™
Meet Sas™. Rich grains and gently molded curves invite people to sit and gather for casual conversations. 

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