Hybrid Work

The range of data and employee feedback collected over the past couple of years provide invaluable insight on how to optimize spaces that support hybrid work, which is clearly here to stay. While ideal solutions may vary by company and individual employees, elements that promote socialization and inclusivity are recurring themes in designing highly effective environments with the hybrid worker in mind. 

KFI Studios - Voodoo
The Voodoo tables respond to the ever-growing need for light scale, multi-functional meeting and work tables. Large scale conference meetings are happening less frequently and casual meetings and co-working are becoming more prominent in the workplace.

KFI Studios - Roqa
ROQA’s poly shell is minimal yet highly functional. It combines the seat, arm, and back into one fluid form that appears simple yet has subtle complexities to cradle the body with comfort.

KFI Studios - Kool
The Kool Collection of seating is ideal everywhere. Create spaces with solid or contrasting pairings of polypropylene backs and seats or opt for your favorite upholstered seat. The ergonomic perforated back not only offers an attractive design, it allows for enhanced circulation and air flow. 

KFI Studios - Dailey Desk
The Dailey Desk has a light scale, multifunctional design with remarkable strength that belies its sleek profile. Apron, leg and top options allow you to create a workspace with a look and design that fits you and your space.

Social Interactions Are Critical to Hybrid Work

The Individual Matters More Than Ever

Is Hybrid Work ‘The Best of Both Worlds?’

Inclusivity and Hybrid Work

Social Interactions Are Critical to Hybrid Work

Findings from a Gensler survey suggest that people are looking for choices; people would like to have social interactions and collaborative opportunities at the office alongside the convenience and independence of working remotely. The specifics provided in this study are very helpful in making decisions about what to focus on. 

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Global - Princeton™
Princeton is a freestanding and fully modular collection offering maximum flexibility with over 1000 components, easy installation and simple reconfigurations. Open storage pieces, floating modesties and overlapping surfaces create visual appeal.

Global - Solar™
A beautifully fluid structure and integrated mesh surface come together in this one-piece seat, back, and fixed arm frame chair design. The mesh seat and back are offered in three colors - midnight, storm and dove - and an integrated swivel tilt function is standard, along with seat height adjustment.

Global - River+™
River+ is the next generation of Global's highly popular River lounge series, tested to three times the BIFMA standard and warranted to an active weight of 600 lbs. per seat location to support the demands of 24/7 environments. 

Magnuson Group - KASKAD
KASKAD is a family of planters that brings modularity, design and elegance to any space. Designed to stand alone or work together in combination, KASKAD serves as a flexible and highly adaptable planter solution. High units are ideal for dividing interior spaces in a unique and interesting way.

Featured Brands: Global, Magnuson Group

The Individual Matters More Than Ever

When it comes to the workplace, individual needs matter more than ever. HOK helps us reimagine work for a new era of hybrid teams. No longer does a one-size-fits-all approach to the workplace suffice. 

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Indiana Furniture - Square One
Square One is the clean, simple way to provide space division, functionality, and architectural design to any zone within the working environment. with individual building blocks that securely connect to one another and accessories like dry erase boards, barn doors, planter boxes, acrylic inserts, and tackable and acoustical panels. 

Indiana Furniture - Spirit
The entire Spirit Collection – Spirit, Spirit Lite, Spirit Lounge, and Spirit Tables – provides a refined and inviting design, and capitalizes on versatility and comfort. With a variety of seat and base options, finding the perfect look and fit is effortless with Spirit by Edge Design.

Indiana Furniture - Natta
Natta offers an agile solution for a variety of community spaces and meeting applications. With its simplicity of form, it can achieve a subtle effect and still provide an excellent solution for any meeting and breakout environment. The Natta line consists of benches, stools, and low and high tables.

Featured Brand: Indiana Furniture

Is Hybrid Work ‘The Best of Both Worlds?

The hybrid work pattern is also considered an ideal happy medium” between the traditional 9-5 office hours and going fully flexible – as, after all, there are indisputable advantages of face-to-face contact. For employees, hybrid working lays much stronger foundations to help us achieve that hallowed work-life balance, boosting both productivity and mental wellbeing in the process. 

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FireKing - Turtle File Cabinet
The Turtle file cabinet by FireKing is the perfect records protection for your home, personal office, or small business. With a UL 1-Hour Class 350 Fire Rating, the shell-hard Turtle line of products underwent grueling testing procedures to ensure that each and every model passes intense fire tests conducted by Underwriters Laboratories.

KFI Studios - Midtown
Midtown tables are among the most popular in the KFI Studios offering because they pair so nicely with most any seating you choose. The black powder coat industrial-look base is constructed of 16 gauge steel – strength and beauty in one.

KFI Studios - Zoso
The look of handstitched leather combined with sophisticated, simple lines makes Zoso an ideal addition to offices, waiting areas, conference rooms and really, just about anywhere. Aesthetically a winner, its true beauty lies in its comfort.

KFI Studios - A Conversation Piece
Umage is an armchair that inspires reflection and conversation. It is ideal for use in the living room, as a comfortable place for guests to wait in an entryway or as part of an extra lounge area. 

KFI Studios - Shade
To get the perfect light, you need the perfect shade. Shade is meant to do just that! This design piece combines aesthetics with functionality. Shade will help you adjust the direction and amount of light, while shielding any unwanted glare.

Featured Brands: FireKing, KFI Studios

Inclusivity and Hybrid Work

A key facet of a designers job is being a futurist, identifying common threads that manifest somewhat differently in each industry and region. Hybridization is also a philosophy, a truly integral way of designing, with all the disciplines aligned and synergizing. Inclusion, meanwhile, is a human-centered and empathic approach, one that expands on the hot-button topic of workplace diversity to address employee engagement, purpose, and choice.  

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Global - Corby
The Corby collection of wood veneer and laminate desks, tables and storage elements features new century modern detailing available in twenty finishes with four different species of premium, architectural grade wood veneer and solid wood edges on all principle surfaces.

Global - Popcorn™
Popcorn, designed by Zooey Chu, is ideal for conference areas, cafeterias, classrooms and healthcare spaces or wherever multi-purpose stack applications are required. Popcorn's flexible backrest and supporting curves ensure comfort even when seated for extended periods. 

Global - Princeton™
Princeton is a freestanding and fully modular collection offering maximum flexibility with over 1000 components, easy installation and simple reconfigurations. Open storage pieces, floating modesties and overlapping surfaces create visual appeal.

Featured Brand: Global


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