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For someone who has been out of school for a number of years, returning to the classroom might come as a shock. Gone are the rows of desks, replaced by collaborative work areas. Students today enjoy smart desks with comfortable seats and built in backpack storage. They enjoy classrooms with lounge seating and casual work areas. And they enjoy technology that brings the knowledge of the world to their classrooms.

Global - Edventure™
Edventure™ brings traditional style to today’s learning spaces. The collection of teacher desks, storage lecterns, student desks and study carrels is built to withstand daily use year after year. 

Global - Duet™
Duet is a high-density stacking chair with durable solid steel frame and polypropylene seat and back available in a variety of colors. A patented ganging feature allows them to be effortlessly locked together in neat tidy rows.

Classroom Design Trends

So what are the top design trends when it comes to higher education classrooms? Designers believe classrooms will become more natural, support ergonomics, allow for mindfulness and focus on simplicity of design. Higher education institutions will require flexibility and the ability for students to socialize. Universities and colleges should prioritize collaboration spaces, according to designers.

Flexible Learning Spaces

Healthcare Education Heats Up

Classrooms of the Future

Flexible Learning Spaces

What’s the most important aspect of educational design? Flexibility. Students and teachers need classrooms that can adapt and change throughout the day. Those spaces must also support hybrid learning — a model that includes a combination of in-person and remote learning methods. Hyper-flexible and tech-enabled classrooms will provide students and educators more choice.

Global - 2gether Tables
2gether multi-purpose tables feature an "Easy Touch" lever to easily flip the table tops, then fold down and roll away for space saving table nesting. Also available in a fixed top version.

Global - Stream™ Stream is a multitasker with a chic aesthetic that sets a new bar for plastic seating. Expertly designed and seamlessly detailed from any angle with matching arms, seating surfaces, under-seat shroud and glides available in 14 great colors.

Calyx by Claridge - MIX Contemporary Mobile
From start-ups to the Fortune 500, and higher education institutions, a wide range of organizations are evolving their environments with MIX Mobile whiteboards in order to meet the ever-changing demands of modern workspaces.

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Borgo - Attivo
Attivo derives its name from the Italian word for “active.” Designed to be a learning tool to aid a modern-day learning environment, Attivo helps to facilitate discussions and group activities in the classroom.


KI Furniture - Backbone Media Platform
Backbone is a media-sharing platform that supports technology, optimizes collaboration, and enhances flexibility.

Healthcare Education Heats Up

Students learning to be caregivers have special needs. There is the opportunity to educate a new generation of caregivers with the latest technology and learning methods and to “open up” healthcare to make it more equitable. There is also the challenge of how to accommodate growing demand and address the issue of burnout in what can be a high-stress degree program and career.

Safco - TechWorks®
With TechWorks, organizations can create layouts where teams can easily come together to share resources and ideas. Adjustability and mobility drive efficiency, support well-being, and enhance workflow.

Safco - Vue™
The Vue™ Mesh Chair is an extended-height chair to use with a standing desk or table. The ergonomic, height-adjustable seat may help prevent fatigue and provides a wide, 25" diameter black steel base.

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Global - Pedestal Seating
A place for everyone and everyone in their place. Many interior applications require fixed location seating for efficiency, safety and an orderly environment—spaces like lecture halls, food courts, arenas, jury boxes and airports, to mention a few.

Classrooms of the Future

The future isn’t radically different, it’s just radically closer. Future students will continue to blur the boundaries between work, play, learning, and just “being.” As they use campus facilities, they will expect team-based everything, blended flexible “do-it-yourself” spaces where functions are determined by the etiquette of the users, not by some preconceived signage on the wall.

Safco - Resi®
The Resi Collection from Safco rises to the challenge of meeting the need for furniture with purposeful, multi-functional design that supports the diversity of workstyles and workspaces - from seating, tables and desks, to storage lockers and lighting.

Nook Pod - Huddle Pod
Nook Huddle pods take people out of the spotlight so they can reset themselves without feeling self-conscious.

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Leland - Beach Stones
The organic shapes of a Beach Stone support a variety of seating postures permitting a range of informal collaborative settings. Beach Stones shapes are designed to compliment one another and nest together.


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