2022 Year In Review

From flexible outdoor spaces and environments that bring nature indoors to classrooms of the future and a checklist for creating a healthy workspace, this month we’re highlighting our most popular Space Solutions features of 2022. Take a look at the most-read articles of the year for an overview of some of the biggest design trends.

ESI - VictoryLX 3-Leg
The VictoryLX 3-Leg is an electric height adjustable table base with frame and column connect and lock for quick and easy assembly. Worksurfaces can be purchased independently or as a combination and are available in multiple shapes and laminates.

ESI - Amble
Amble casts light where it’s needed by providing adjustable illumination, harmoniously blended with reductionist design.

ESI - Kata2
Kata2 is a dual monitor arm with finger touch dynamic height adjustment, available in silver, black, or white finishes.




NeoCon 2022 Design Trends: BRINGING NATURE INDOORS

Outdoor Spaces


Outdoor workspaces can easily accommodate individuals and groups performing focused or collaborative work with multi-functional furnishings and supporting amenitiesConsider a combination of casual and traditional outdoor furniture that’s easy to reconfigure to maximize space utilization. Encourage collaboration by installing equipment to facilitate content-sharing – like monitors suitable for outdoor use. 

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Homecrest Outdoor Living - Grace Air
Grace Air builds upon the fresh and open style of the classic Grace collection, while adding a lavish new seating option. 

Homecrest Outdoor Living - Timber Fire Table
The Timber fire tables bring a touch of nature to any outdoor environment. Timber is available in a variety of authentic colors to coordinate with unique color themes.

Featured Brand: Homecrest Outdoor Living

Ergonomics and Wellness

Creating a Healthy Workspace Can Be Broken Down Into a Short Checklist

Changing things up is foundational: providing multiple areas to work, so people can change their settings really makes a difference. Gensler has created a checklist that makes it easier. 

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Indiana Furniture - Iconic
With a nod to the ‘50s and ‘60s, Iconic’s clean lines, tapered legs, and unexpected details present a timeless, approachable quality while being suited to outfit a multitude of areas, including private office, open plan/benching, small meeting areas, and ancillary spaces.

Indiana Furniture - Fifteen Pods
Fifteen Pods provides users with a personal getaway space, private meeting, or collaboration location, and can be placed anywhere in a facility. Designed around the science of acoustics, Fifteen Pods helps to keep conversations contained within and external noises out.

Indiana Furniture - Bliss
The Bliss lounge collection is a welcome view in common, meeting and visitor areas, available in a lounge chair, loveseat and sofa. The optional tablet provides a relaxed atmosphere for casual meetings. 

Indiana Furniture - Runna
With its combination of stylish design and distinctive upholstery, Runna Pouffes express luxury and elegance while being the perfect option for impromptu meetings, additional seating, or simply being the component that completes your design.

Indiana Furniture - Topsy Turvy
Topsy Turvy brings you a spectrum of options, all in one line, with a selection of square and round magazine, end, and console tables.

Featured Brand: Indiana Furniture

Education Spaces


The future isn’t radically different, it’s just radically closer. Future students will continue to blur the boundaries between work, play, learning, and just “being.” As they use campus facilities, they will expect team-based everything, blended flexible “do-it-yourself” spaces where functions are determined by the etiquette of the users, not by some preconceived signage on the wall.

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Safco - Resi®
The Resi Collection from Safco rises to the challenge of meeting the need for furniture with purposeful, multi-functional design that supports the diversity of workstyles and workspaces - from seating, tables and desks, to storage lockers and lighting.

Nook Pod - Huddle Pod
Nook Huddle pods take people out of the spotlight so they can reset themselves without feeling self-conscious.

Featured Brands: Nook Pod and Safco

NeoCon 2022 Design Trends


The comfort of home wasn’t the only warm and fuzzy furniture trend. Wood was everywhere at NeoCon and products that support biophilia in the office are on the rise. Don’t expect a return of all-wood desks and wood task chairs. Instead, furniture makers are adding wood accents, wood legs and sumptuous wood table tops. The trend extends beyond wood and could be characterized by the word “natural.” Materials were natural, plants were integrated into designs and vignettes felt warm and cozy.

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Quiet Earth Moss - Frames Moss Wall Panels
Elegant and lightweight, Quiet Earth Custom Framed Moss Wall Panels help create a Biophilic experience, scientifically proven to reduce stress, increase productivity, enhance creativity and personal wellness.

Global - Adaptabilities®
With hundreds of components available in a wide selection of color combinations, Adaptabilities provides the ultimate in flexibility and modularity.

Magnuson Group - Conee
Conee painted aluminum planters are available in two sizes and three colors, and come with a drip tray and flowerpot.

Featured Brand: Global, Magnuson Group, and Quiet Earth Moss


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