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INDEAL University: Reinvented


INDEAL University, our exclusive platform for learning within the commercial interiors industry, has been reinvented to offer new content and courses. Available by subscription to INDEAL dealer members, INDEAL U provides a range of programming designed to expand knowledge and skills applicable to numerous roles within an organization.

Well received by users since its initial launch in late 2018, INDEAL U began with a library of short online videos for “on the go” learning, complemented by live, interactive webinars. The combination of recorded and live courses remains, with content developed to support the evolving needs of new hires, seasoned industry salespeople, designers, and management teams.

The latest additions to the platform include an original collection of Fast Facts videos that address subjects ranging from industry basics to sales strategies, to sustainability, and a new Perspectives series of candid interviews with people across the industry, sharing their unique viewpoints and experience.

Aside from its expanded and evolving video library, INDEAL U also offers virtual sessions featuring a variety of subject matter experts, addressing relevant industry topics in an interactive format. Users have the option of attending these weekly events live, or on-demand and at their convenience.

We worked with industry veteran, Certified Professional Coach, and Principal at Embark, CCT, Sid Meadows, in expanding the platform. Sid shared, “Considering the needs of employees at every level within the dealership, when it comes to expanding their professional knowledge, was paramount in reimagining IU. The new content we’ve designed not only supports growth of the dealership, but also the growth of each individual inside of their organization.”

New videos and virtual sessions will continually be added to the platform, enabling users to stay on top of the latest industry practices and insight. Future plans for INDEAL U include additional courses and access for INDEAL manufacturers and their reps.

For more information on INDEAL University’s onboarding, video library and virtual sessions, visit www.learning.indeal.org or email learning@indeal.org.


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