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Get Inspired Through Mixed Media Art


We’re excited to announce the release of Inspiration at Work, Volume 8 – a unique marketing piece designed to help dealers connect with decision-makers and influencers in the A&D community by appealing to creative sensibilities.

The bi-annual publication, available in print and digital format, brings attention to different art expressions outside the commercial interiors industry, combining impactful visuals to inspire projects. With a mood board-like layout, the booklet explores textures, color stories, and products, complementing a collection of artwork featured throughout the piece.

Volume 8 of the Inspirations at Work series is themed around the evolving world of mixed media artwork and the creative possibilities it can provoke. This style of expression takes countless forms based on the materials and techniques the artist uses, encouraging the viewer to think outside the box and envision new ways to imagine and create.

Dealer members interested in learning more about Inspirations at Work can contact Jen Grubba, INDEAL’s Director of Marketing Resources.


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