Design Trends Featured at NeoCon 2022

NeoCon is all about discovery. It is the place to meet new people, learn about new products and identify key trends. After all, it is the place where manufacturers hatch ideas and the architecture and design community — along with their customers — comes to see them.

Global - Princeton™
Princeton is a freestanding and fully modular collection offering maximum flexibility with over 1000 components, easy installation and simple reconfigurations.

Global - Corby
The Corby collection of wood veneer and laminate desks, tables and storage elements features new century modern detailing available in twenty finishes with four different species of premium, architectural grade wood veneer and solid wood edges on all principle surfaces.

Global - Popcorn™
Popcorn, designed by Zooey Chu, is ideal for conference areas, cafeterias, classrooms and healthcare spaces or wherever multi-purpose stack applications are required. 


A Living Room For An Office

Bringing Nature Indoors

Softer, Muted Colors Abound

Still A Need For Privacy

A Living Room For An Office

Where does the office end and the living room begin? It’s getting hard to tell, especially when roaming the halls of theMART. Furniture that feels like home continues to be a hot trend and no where was that more apparent than in Chicago. In a post-COVID world, no one wants to return to the same drab office. The way people want to work is changing too. Several years spent working at home means workers expect offices to feel more inviting and NeoCon exhibitors embraced this.

Safco Contract - Mirella
The Mirella collection of workstations, tables, and storage offers agile choices for workplaces that are growing and evolving—helping people feel comfortable and equipped to focus, engage and showcase their creativity.

Lesro - Fremont
Offers a sleek contemporary design that's available in standard and bariatric models. All seating and tables are available with solid wood or brushed steel legs.

Special-T - Relax Series
Whether it is a waiting room, a lounge area, or a cozy gathering space, a clean modern look will impress even the most sophisticated of guests.

Featured Brands:

More Products and Inspiration


Global - River™
Bring people together in a place where ideas, insight and inspiration can be shared. A modern design for today's collaborative, open plan, or any other commercial, education, government, healthcare or hospitality environment.


Nienkamper - Rowan Lounge
The Rowan Lounge chair has a surprisingly small footprint, but with a comfortable, spacious seat.


Indiana - Plush Lounge
Now more than ever, design for commercial and home spaces is blending. The new Plush Lounge seamlessly brings together the endurance needed for commercial spaces with the relaxed comforts of home.

Bringing Nature Indoors

The comfort of home wasn’t the only warm and fuzzy furniture trend. Wood was everywhere at NeoCon and products that support biophilia in the office are on the rise. Don’t expect a return of all-wood desks and wood task chairs. Instead, furniture makers are adding wood accents, wood legs and sumptuous wood table tops. The trend extends beyond wood and could be characterized by the word “natural.” Materials were natural, plants were integrated into designs and vignettes felt warm and cozy.

Quiet Earth Moss - Frames Moss Wall Panels
Elegant and lightweight, Quiet Earth Custom Framed Moss Wall Panels help create a Biophilic experience, scientifically proven to reduce stress, increase productivity, enhance creativity and personal wellness.

Global - Adaptabilities®
With hundreds of components available in a wide selection of color combinations, Adaptabilities provides the ultimate in flexibility and modularity.

Magnuson Group - Conee
Conee painted aluminum planters are available in two sizes and three colors, and come with a drip tray and flowerpot.

Featured Brands:



KFI Studios - Daily Desk
The Dailey Desk has a light scale, multifunctional design with remarkable strength that belies its sleek profile. Apron, leg and top options allow you to create a workspace with a look and design that fits you and your space.


Okamura - Nagare
This collection of seating and tables, inspired by nature, brings a gentle sense of movement and creates a place of repose within the information storm of our times.


Hightower - Ribbon Tables
These playful side and coffee tables, available in both round and pill shaped, provide the perfect accent to an entire office or just an armchair.

Softer, Muted Colors Abound

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that colors are becoming softer and more casual as well. NeoCon was filled with muted tones. It is important to note that we are not talking muted earth tones here, though there were a few tans and muddy browns around theMART. These are warm, rich colors — muted golds, purples, blues, greens and reds. These colors added a richness to the furniture we saw at NeoCon that is reminiscent of the late 1960s or early 1970s.

Indiana Furniture - Canvas
Always stylish, comfortable and effortlessly adaptable, Canvas enlivens environments with refined aesthetics born from an appealing mix of materials, finishes and components.

Indiana Furniture - Joy
Find joy at work no matter how hectic the schedule looks. The Joy family of seating is both stylish and highly adjustable.

Magnuson Group - Greencloud Planters
Greencloud planters are available as round standing or hanging flower pots in painted steel and aluminum. Includes molded water saucer and three round flower pots.

Featured Brands:



Global - Marche™
Marche is multi-use seating utilizing wood and metal design accents.


Andreu World - Giro Soft
Giro Soft is a modular sofa system that allows efficient use of spaces, providing an organic and comfortable character.


Scandinavian Spaces - Alto
Alto is a well-tailored and versatile piece of furniture. Soft, undulating cushions offer charming opposition to the rectilinear frame, showing off its beauty from all angles.

Still A Need For Privacy

If you thought every possible permutation of meeting pod had already been introduced, think again. Meeting pods of every shape and size were at NeoCon 2022 as companies continue to give workers variety in the office. Even before the pandemic, offices were looking for spaces where small groups could meet or workers could take a private call in open office settings. That need is even greater in a post-pandemic world. That demand showed at NeoCon as many companies added to their phone booth offerings or introduced new products. This trend will surely continue for years to come.

Global - Citi Square™
Global's most popular lounge series has gone uptown with a new metal frame design. Citi Square is also available as a sectional to create a relaxed and personal atmosphere in large open spaces.

Global - Drift™
Drift seating inspires people to come together with new ideas, new priorities and new ways of thinking. The series features lounge and side chairs in multiple back heights with wood or Polished Chrome bases. 

Global - Priva™ Acoustic Pod
Priva™ acoustic pods provide a place for personal privacy, focus and online collaboration, away from the commotion of the open office. Integrated ventilation and low-voltage LED lighting are motion-sensor activated to reduce energy consumption.

Featured Brands: 



Nook - Huddle Pod
Nooks are agile, modular, sustainably-minded pods with a small range of variations and a huge range of possibilities.


SnapCab - Work Pod
With its robust, heavy–gauge aluminum structural frame, patented interlocking panels, heavy–duty casters and more, SnapCabs are built with longevity in mind. 


Hush Office - hushmeet
Soundproofed collaborative work pods provide the ideal acoustic environment for teams to hold vibrant, energized meetings without concern over bothering colleagues.


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