INDEAL Champions Are Key to Program Success!

Ensure your dealership is getting the most out of your membership by assigning a Champion as your resident INDEAL expert- someone who provides focus, information and support to increase your program rewards. 

Dealer Champions take what they’re learning about INDEAL and share it with your team. They drive program awareness, build connections with INDEAL brands and strategic partners, and keep your employees up to speed on tools that have the biggest impact on their day-to-day.

What Makes a Good Champion?

Here are some common qualities of highly effective Champions:

  • Wants to make a difference in a dealership’s overall success. 
  • Has the flexibility to answer questions as needed. 
  • Has a good relationship with the design and sales staff. 
  • Has time to discuss the program with INDEAL dealer implementation staff. 
  • Has time and initiative to set up meetings with our manufacturers’ reps.  
  • Has ideas and suggestions to contribute during meetings and events. 

Each month we hold virtual roundtable meetings with our Champions to help them stay current on the program and what’s new from our brand partners.  

Once a year, we bring 50 Champions together, in-person, to join select brand partners and INDEAL staff for three days of interactive learning and networking designed to build lucrative professional relationships. 

Keeping Champions IN the Know

Resources for Champions

Champions are provided with a few timesaving tools to support them in their role. The INDEAL Dashboard offers resources for all our members, but there’s a special area where Champions can access info just for them, like an archive of slides from our monthly roundtable meetings, making it easy to share what they’ve learned with their team. 

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