What Is the INDEAL Champion Program?

The Champion Program was created to help dealerships maximize the benefits and rewards they get from INDEAL participation by assigning an internal point of contact (aka Champion) as their resident INDEAL expert. Champions provide their team with focus, information, and support that helps integrate platform tools, services, and connections into their business processes.  

How Does It Work?

Dealer management selects an INDEAL Champion to be the primary point of contact within their organization.

INDEAL’s Champion Program Coordinator provides an overview to introduce the Champion to their new role and familiarize them with the platform.

The Champion attends monthly (30 minute) Roundtable meetings and receives ongoing communication to ensure everyone at their dealership stays well-informed m

Who Makes a Good Champion?

  • Someone who:
  • Wants to make a difference in their dealership’s overall success
  • Has a good relationship with their organization’s design and sales staff
  • Has the initiative to promote tools and resources to team members who will benefit from them
  • Will take advantage of opportunities to introduce their dealership to INDEAL Brand Partners
  • Can dedicate 30 minutes a month to attending Champion Roundtable Meetings
  • Will communicate updates and information internally

3 Perks of Being a Champion


Ability to make a notable difference in supporting the success of their team and dealership


Opportunity to participate in the annual in-person INDEAL Champion Conference


Potential to earn individual rewards for attending monthly Roundtable meetings and more

What Are the Next Steps?

Whether you’re a Dealer Member who wants to learn more about the Champion Program or you’re a Champion looking for support in your role, Sondra Caddell, INDEAL’s Dealer Success Manager is happy to help!