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Calyx by Claridge
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Berries® Rectangle Activity Table

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Special-T Launches 2024 Lookbook

Discover exceptional craftsmanship and innovation in Special-T's 2024 Lookbook, featuring stunning product images that take you on a journey through the Special-T brand.

View Lookbook

emuamericas Releases 2024 emu+ Catalog

emuamericas released a new catalog for the emu+ Collection, a line of uniquely styled items created in collaboration with globally recognized designers. The catalog features the collections previously known as the Advanced Collections.

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KFI Studios

KFI Studios Introduces New Color for Imme Collection

The Imme chair is showing off a new hue, Slate Green, and looks absolutely stunning! This classy green with grey undertones promises to bring sophistication and refined color to your space.

View Imme

Lesro Offers SPIFFs on Rhapsody and Chat

A double SPIFF promotion is being offered on the new chair line, Rhapsody, through the end of the year. And the double SPIFF promotion for Chat has been extended through the end of June. That’s a 4% SPIFF instead of 2% for these two lines!


Borgo Adds New Momentum Textiles

Borgo’s vast offering of textiles is appropriate for general or specific applications and includes options that are engineered to be stain resistant, water resistant, anti-microbial, or antimony free.

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Stance Healthcare

Stance Healthcare Introduces 3 New Colors

Stance introduced 3 new colors for the Flo and Frontier series, providing a calming aesthetic that invites users to relax while dining safely in an intensive-use space.

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Berco Shares Showroom and Warehouse Tour

Learn more about Oasis Berco and Berco Designs by watching this showroom and warehouse tour video shared by Brooke Corcoran, VP of Sales and Marketing.

Watch Tour

emuamericas Announces 10% Off Special

A new promotion offers an extra 10% off any in-stock items along with free freight on orders over $10,000 for the month of March.

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Q&A with MooreCo

An interview with Shawn Nichols, Director of A+D Sales

Tell us a little bit about how MooreCo got started.

MooreCo’s journey traces back to the ingenious vision of Lorraine Moore, the dynamic force behind our company. Lorraine, mother of our current CEO, Greg Moore, founded this company in response to a glaring gap in the market, particularly in the realm of technology. Her experiences and frustrations fueled her drive for innovation, and she set out to fill this void by designing and developing the world’s first mobile printer stand on casters.

This stand was designed for dot-matrix printers and quickly propelled MooreCo to the forefront of designing and producing printer stands. Lorraine continued to develop more innovations, including mobile flipper tables, computer workstations and other products evolving around technology. She truly was the epitome of entrepreneurial spirit – picture Lorraine, a whirlwind of determination, navigating high heels with a suitcase in one hand and a box of catalogs in the other. If that doesn’t inspire you, I’m not sure what will!

Today, we honor Lorraine’s legacy as a pioneer and celebrate her boundless creativity. Her foresight and commitment to bring mobility and flexibility to workplace and learning environments is what built the foundation for MooreCo’s ethos of adaptability and innovation. Our journey began with a printer stand, and that is the reason why you always see mobility in our product line.

What do you wish more Dealers knew about your products and brand?

At MooreCo, we take great pride in manufacturing high-quality furniture right here in the USA, both in Texas and Tennessee. We produce all our soft seating and made-to-order products in Tennessee, offering a variety of options and an extensive range of fabrics. Meanwhile, our Texas factory spans over 500,000 square feet, producing desk tables, marker boards, and chairs. We’re not just about individual pieces; we create cohesive designs across multiple product categories. Also, we’re venturing into new sectors like hospitality and healthcare. We’ve seen a huge morph with MooreCo in the last five to ten years – we’re not just educational anymore and we’re working to spread the word and build awareness to the right audience within those sectors.

What are some success stories or testimonials that you can share?

We’re very proud of the impactful projects we’ve been involved in. A success story that stands out to me is a collaboration we had with Houston ISD, one of the largest school districts in Texas. They were left with challenges from a struggling supplier just before the start of a school year and turned to us for a solution. Despite the tight deadline, we mobilized quickly, manufacturing and delivering the necessary products in record time. This rapid response not only ensured a successful start to the academic year, but also earned praise from both the dealer and end-user for our reliability and dedication to their needs.

Additionally, standing as a testament to our ability to tackle large-scale projects with precision and professionalism was a project with El Paso ISD. We were tasked with a massive project to furnish 44 schools, including classrooms, cafeterias, libraries, and media centers, and the timeline we had to work from was tight: between Thanksgiving and Christmas tight. Despite the logistical challenges of working around the schools’ schedules, our team rose to the occasion, from after-hours assembly in gymnasiums to working through weekends to ensure every aspect of the project was executed with care and expertise. It was impressive. The result was not just a successful installation, it was a transformative experience for the schools and communities.

Are you working on anything in 2024 that we can get excited about?

Absolutely! This year, we’re set to launch a full collection of matching laminate and edge band for our desks and tables, bringing seamless sophistication to higher-end commercial and hospitality spaces. We will also feature several of these in our 2024 Quick Ship Guide with products ready to ship within 5 business days, ensuring quick delivery for back-to-school needs.

Furthermore, building on the success of our porcelain line, we’re expanding our range of desks and tabletops, boasting a 50-year warranty, unmatched durability, and moisture-resistant edge bands. Our edge band is a blow mold which encompasses the complete side, bringing extreme toughness, even to the tries of a student! Plus, our new outdoor soft seating collection promises to elevate outdoor spaces with style and comfort. It will have the same look and feel of indoor soft seating with the benefits of outdoor resistance. This line will be a line you’ll be surprised was manufactured by MooreCo, so get ready for it!

Earthy colors are definitely on-trend right now, with a focus on natural hues like sage greens and earth tones. This shift towards more subdued palettes reflects a broader movement towards biophilic design, emphasizing a connection to nature in interior spaces. Bringing the outdoors in isn’t limited to higher education or commercial settings either, we’re seeing this trend gain traction in K-6 classrooms, where a softer, more serene environment is becoming more desirable.