Solutions for Brands

Accelerate growth through resources and opportunities tailored to tackle your most significant obstacles.

Financial Opportunities

Drive sales, reward growth, and build brand loyalty among top Dealers in the US and Canada through flexible incentive programs.

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Inspiration + Marketing

Increase product visibility and specification with INDEAL Spaces, our exclusive platform that takes project inspiration to application.

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Market + Business Intelligence

Gain a competitive advantage with access to key industry insight and our collaborative approach to growing new business.

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Product Support

Achieve high visibility and brand awareness through personal product referrals from our expert Dealer Services team.

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Events + Networking

Broaden opportunities through events crafted to cultivate valuable Dealer and industry connections within our reliable network.

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The Roadmap to Success

Our three-phased collaborative process provides a path to your business growth.

What Brand Partners Are Saying

From expanding Dealer relationships to the impact INDEAL has on the industry, our Brand Partners recognize the perks of being in the program. Here’s some of their feedback that makes us proud of the work we do!

I love being able to leverage the individual relationships in order to create a greater good and leverage the power in numbers to be able to make a bigger mark on our industry.

Our experience as a partner has been overwhelmingly positive. The way that we’ve had the ability to connect with Dealer directly at events like this has been invaluable.

They’re taking it all and putting it all in one package, so I don’t have to go to a billion different places to find all of the information. I can go here, and solve everything I need.

The direction that INDEAL is heading, I think is going to be very beneficial to everyone in our industry. Not just our Brand Partner, not just our Dealers that area part of our program, but anyone who wants to learn more about our industry.

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