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The Results Are In from the Latest I Care Employee Wellness Survey

Written By INDEAL Cares • November 4, 2022

The I Care Employee Wellness Survey, developed by INDEAL Cares, is an annual initiative that aims to better understand the health and well-being of individuals working in the commercial interiors industry. Now in its third year, this year’s survey was securely hosted by our work experience data provider, Align.

As the industry continues to struggle to find qualified and engaged talent, being clear with your team about your commitment to their health and well-being is critical. This year’s report provides valuable insight on how the work experience impacts your people, and what you can do to support healthy lives at work.

Hundreds of individuals participated, with a variety of roles and positions within the industry represented, including:

Here are some of the highlights from this year’s report: A Dedicated Remote Workspace Has a Positive Impact on Employee Health Remote work is here to stay. The number of people who are exclusively working from home (42%) has declined since last year’s survey (55%), but this year’s results indicate that those individuals working in a dedicated workspace at home were the most likely to self-report excellent mental and physical health.

  • 33% of survey respondents working entirely remotely WITH a designated workspace ranked their mental health as excellent, as compared to just 14% of respondents working in a hybrid environment

  • 80% of survey respondents working entirely remotely WITH a designated workspace ranked their mental health as either excellent or good, as compared to just 58% of respondents working entirely on-site at their employer’s facility

Positive Mental Health Affects All Elements of Health and Well-being Investing in creating a stigma-free work environment is a critical way to support your employees, enhance their physical well-being, reduce burnout, prevent disease, and improve productivity. 23% of respondents said that work ‘somewhat negatively’ or ‘very negatively’ contributes towards their mental and emotional health, and when asked about the areas of health they wanted to improve, the following opportunities were identified.

  • 47% said, “reduce stress and anxiety”

  • 37% said, “have a better work/life balance”

  • 37% said, improve my mental health to feel ‘happier’

Leaders Have a Profound Impact on Employee Health

We know that a focus on well-being has to start from the top in order to make real, meaningful change. When we asked survey respondents about what their employer had done to demonstrate a commitment to workplace wellness:

  • 51% said: ‘Allows flexibility in terms of ways of working and hours of working’

  • 44% said: ‘Encourages and supports social gatherings with our team’

  • 42% said: ‘Allows staff to work from home if they want to do so’

Your Opportunity As leaders and influencers of health at work, not only in the commercial furniture industry, but all industries that rely on and utilize the products and services developed and brought to market, we all have a powerful and unique opportunity to design, implement, and support a healthy workplace for employees in the industry and outside of it.

Reach out to INDEAL Cares Executive Director, Stefanie Ince to learn about what you can do to support health and well-being in your workplace today.

Download the 2022 I Care Employee Wellness Survey Report here

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