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Empowering Your Team to Live Well

Written By Stefanie Ince, INDEAL Cares • August 11, 2022

We know that inspired leadership will connect, develop, and enhance healthy workplace communities. Studies show that when leaders put their thoughts and attention toward improving employee health and well-being, employers are 4x more likely to see improved health outcomes.  

In June, INDEAL Cares ran our third annual I Care Employee Wellness Survey to better understand the thoughts, feelings, and goals of individuals in the commercial furniture industry. The complete report with results will be available later this fall, but in the meantime, here are a few of the key insights regarding how to empower people to live well that the survey has produced:  

Flexibility + Autonomy = Engaged Employees 
Providing flexibility in terms of working hours, working spaces, and working styles is more important than ever before. Working spaces, and customization of those spaces based on individuals’ employees will go a long way in building trust and instilling confidence. When asked how their organizations demonstrated a commitment to health and well-being, 54% of respondents said: “Allows flexibility in terms of hours of work, and ways of working”.  

A previous INDEAL Cares blog post written by Dr. Kibibi Springs, highlighted the many reasons why autonomy has been shown to be an important way to prevent burnout. The article is worth a read, but one piece is particularly important for leaders to remember: “Extrinsically motivated goals operate best when fueled by autonomy. When people are given the opportunity to identify with the value of a behavior for their own self-selected goals, they feel greater freedom and volition towards those goals because the behavior is more congruent with their personal goals and identity. So, giving people the opportunity to lead is not only good for the individual and will prevent burnout, but it also strengthens the likelihood of a project or program being successful.  

Connection and Communication are Key 
As in the past, one of the areas that was particularly pronounced in this year’s survey results was the value that teams placed on clear, direct communication and the ability to connect with their colleagues.  When asked how their organization demonstrated a commitment to health and well-being, almost 50% of respondents selected “Encourages and supports social gatherings with our team”. When we asked individuals about their health and well-being goals, nearly 30% of respondents said that they wanted to feel more excited about their work, and 22% said that they wanted to spend more time with colleagues so that they could feel more connected at work. Talk with your team. Listen to your team. Create moments for your team to come together to connect with each other.  

What You Do Now Matters
When people believe that their leaders care about their well-being, they self-report happier, healthier well-being across all levels of health. As was the case in the past, we continue to see a correlation between the perception of an employer supporting health and positive self-assessments on actual health.   

Example: 37% of individuals who ranked their company’s commitment to physical health as excellent said that they had spine pain, vs. 63% of individuals who ranked their company’s commitment to physical health as poor said that they had spine pain.  

49% of individuals who ranked their company’s commitment to mental health as ‘excellent’, self-assessed their own mental health as excellent vs.15% of individual’s who ranked their company’s commitment to mental health as ‘poor’.  

As a leader, it is important to remember that you can transform the work experience of your teams. As the only charitable organization dedicated to supporting the health and well-being of people working within the commercial interiors industry, we are here to support you in this effort. 

Invest in Yourself as a Leader Who Will  Inspire 
Taking place in November of 2022, INSPIRE the Workspace Leadership Conference is a forum for commercial interior industry executives to unite, discuss what’s next for the work environment, and explore implications and opportunities for their organizations.  

INSPIRE intends to help leaders future-proof their companies, support changing culture, enhance profitability, and improve well-being. This event will be in high demand and attendance will be capped at 200 total attendees. All proceeds from the event will be donated to the iCare Campaign in support of INDEAL Cares charitable initiatives, and particularly our efforts to raise awareness of mental health issues in the workspace. Visit the website to learn more, and to apply to register. 

By supporting INDEAL Cares, you become part of a community that believes in the power of philanthropy and inspiring healthy lives at work – ensuring a stronger industry now and in the future. For more resources that you can share with your team, reach out to Stefanie Ince, Executive Director of INDEAL Cares, for complimentary consulting on how to empower your teams to live well at work and at home. 

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