Your passion is our passion. Your victory is our victory. Let’s team up and unlock a path to help your business grow!

Who We Are

INDEAL is the 3rd party growth engine for the contract furniture industry. Helping Dealers, Brands, and Independent Reps Activate strategies, Connect with opportunities, and Grow their business is what fires us up! 

What We Do

Providing market intelligence, inspiration, and innovative resources, INDEAL addresses the biggest roadblocks that industry Dealers, manufacturers (aka Brands), and Independent Reps face. From tools that help Dealers simplify processes and add to their bottom line to opportunities that enable Brands to achieve higher visibility and increase speed to market, the solutions we deliver are driven by the needs of our Members and Partners.

Why We Do It

We love this industry! We believe it’s at a crossroads and that we’re perfectly positioned to lead it in a new direction.

Our purpose is to redefine the industry landscape, not just as a participant, but as a guiding force that helps shape its future.

We’re committed to bringing innovation, efficiencies, and a fresh perspective to every aspect of our work, contributing to the growth and evolution of the industry we’re so proud to be a part of.

Allow Us to Introduce

Our People


Big-picture thinkers.
Big-picture doers.

Dave Bloch

Chief Executive Officer

Dave Gatherum

Chief Revenue Officer

Business Development

Feet on the street.
Guide on your side.
Brain on a plane.

Tracy Baumer

Director of Business Development

Mark Naylor

Director of Program Outreach

Jim Heilborn

Training & Development Consultant

Trevor Bloch

Partner Engagement Manager 

Natasha Garner

Brand Strategy Manager

Kim Hockenberry

Program Integration Associate

Kelsey Larson

Design Support & Project Service

Emily Perruzza

Sales Engagement Manager

Technology, Admin & Accounting

Left Brainers.
Keepers of Order.
Improvers of Processes.

Adam Baczynski

Director of Information Technology

Taran Sandhu


Helene Car

Director of People & Process

Gurjot Sandhu

Accounting Support Specialist

Cathy Bloch

Conference Coordinator

Marketing, Production & Creative

Idea Developers.
Brand Afficionados.
Fun-First Administrators.
Grammar Geeks.

Jen Grubba

Director of Marketing Resources

Jill Thomas

Director of Creativity & Communications 

Jeremy Norris

Digital Marketing Manager

Mandy Cain

Marketing Resource Specialist

Logan Gatherum

Marketing Intern

This Spot Could
Be Yours!

Sure, we’re biased, but we think we’ve got a pretty great team! We currently have four openings. See below for more details.