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Weekly Editorial

Using Research to Connect with Unsure Customers

Ever since the pandemic, companies outside the industry have done a lot of surveying about how people feel about work. Much of this research has come from tech companies looking to prove that people don’t need the office — that they are happy to work from home using technology to connect with co-workers. I’ve taken most of these surveys with a grain of salt since the companies behind them have a position they are promoting. But I was sent a survey last week that is worth sharing with you…

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Weekly Editorial

The Industry Is Facing an Existential Crisis

“It seems like everyone I know wants to go live on an oat milk farm,” a friend recently volunteered after I shared the story of my other friend’s comment. The feeling is evident in the office furniture industry as well. We are suffering our own collective version of an existential crisis. We are searching for our meaning — how we might fit into this new world of work…

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Brand Partner Spotlight

March Brand Partner Spotlight

Connect with the latest products, inspiration, and manufacturer news by exploring our Brand Partner Spotlight. Click below to get the full scoop!

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